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image"thank you so much for the quick service the bags are fantastic" - J. Hoffman, California  "let me say that the craftsmanship is top notch. Particularly when compared with others I have played with." - M. Hershberger, Alachua, FL     "thanks for the quick service and help supplying the bags for the tournament thru 7 hrs of playing we never had a problem with one bag. again, thanks for the service and good quality product  i can use them again for my next tournament" - Bernie George, South Beach Weekly Tournament      "Steph's Bags are of the best quality.  I bought a set last year and played all summer and they really hold up well. I built a set of boxes for my in-laws, so I bought another set of bags from Steph, and even the white bags, (beer-proofed of course), hold up tremendously. I highly recommend this high quality product to everyone."  Joe Lyons, Winchester, KY

"You have a quality product and I'm passing the word around, so hopefully others will order from you." - T. Crowe, Hudson, OH     "The bags were absolutely perfect. The quality is outstanding." - D.Coronis, Sarasota, FL     "My customers are very pleased with your bags, so I will continue to order from you.  Thanks again." - B. Pickens, Charlotte, NC  "The bags are excellent. I have bought bags from other suppliers and they never seemed to be consistent. Thank you for your excellent product and I look forward to doing more business with you in the future." B. Semon, Archbald, PA

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      Steph's CornHole Bags are crafted with an exclusive stitching that has been proven to not break. Steph's CornHole Bags are made with 100% regulation duck cloth (all colors are the same weight duck cloth), sewn with matching color thread and measure 6" x 6" at completion with a total weight of 1 lb each.  Steph's CornHole Bags are filled with whole kernel corn that has been double cleaned and Aflotoxin tested which prevents the bugs and mold from ruining your CornHole bags.  Steph's Bags are THE MOST RELIABLE regulation Cornhole Bags and that is why they are used in the largest Cornhole tournaments to date.  Steph's Bags are all handmade by Stephanie.


       The Highest Quality Cornhole Bags!    

The Most Durable Regulation Cornhole Bags Made with Real Corn  Exclusive Stitching Proven to NOT BREAK  100% Duck Cloth  27 Color Choices - ALL THE SAME WEIGHT DUCK CLOTH!


What do I need to play Cornhole?  Two 4' x 2' wooden platforms, 8 corn filled bags made from duck cloth, and at least 30 feet of playing area.

Why CORN? For the DUST!  When the corn breaks down it gives out a dust that creates the slide of the Cornhole bags. Corn is the essence of the game!

Why do the Cornhole bags need to be made from duck cloth? Duck cloth is durable and breathable for the corn dust to come through.  Any other fabric is either too cheap and will break or too thick for the corn dust to come through.

Do your products meet all specified regulations? All of my Cornhole bags meet specifications set forth by the American Cornhole Association (ACA). My Cornhole bags are made with 100% Duck Cloth, sewn with an  Exclusive triple stitch that has been proven to not break and measure 6" x 6" at completion.  Each Cornhole bag is filled with whole kernel corn and weighed for accuracy of 1 lb each.

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